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lethal tigreor Drew Seeley stars as the wack of the week, a geeky tech guy who obsesses over his colleague played by Karissa Lee Staples. He carefully offs her fiance, she relocates then he offs her nasty new boss, injures her new boyfriend. Drew plays it quite well - he's not really that geeky just man bangs and a creepy stare. So he acts quite well as mama's boy as well. It's all quite tongue in cheek funny. The supporting cast is quite good too with Kayla Ewell as her sister and Brian Ames as the new boyfriend.
Worth a watch..

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Watching this right now. I've been to the Florida Keys before and watching this reminds me of my trip there. In fact I recognized one of the locations in the movie as one of the places I went to while I was there. I had such a good time in the Keys and I hope to go back again someday..

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